You can also return the goods of good quality

If the product did not fit in size, style, shape or color and was ordered according to our standard size grid (except for items sewn individually according to the parameters), we will be happy to accept it back within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order.

If the item was ordered individually according to your parameters, it is not subject to exchange and return.

The term for the return of funds / exchange of goods for another is carried out on the buyer’s bank card no later than 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of the returned goods at our warehouse.
  • To return or exchange goods, please contact us at instagram direct @le.charmie or Telegram +380683181715 .

You can also return defective products.

If during the purchase or during the operation of the goods up to 14 calendar days you find a manufacturing defect or a hidden defect, you send such a thing back for repair or exchange, in which case all shipping and repair costs are borne by the Seller.

Please note that a product of inadequate quality means a product that cannot provide its functional qualities due to the presence of significant shortcomings of the product.

The difference between the elements of design or design from those declared in the description on the site does not indicate the presence of defects in the product and does not entail the recognition of such a product as a product of inadequate quality. Cases of improper use of the goods, its accidental damage or goods that do not fit in size, style, shape or color are not grounds for recognizing the goods as goods of inadequate quality.